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Map of Haibne

This is a map of one of the clans important in the story. The events in the first few chapters take place in Haibne. The map is not meant to be realistic, the rivers are obviously too fat, the cities too big and so on. Its purpose is to give a general idea of the terrain (sea, islands, medium and low mountains, forests, plains, savannah and half deserts) and of size, hence the approximate numbers of kilometres on the margins.

The planet

This is the planet, its moons and its sun. If you want to know more about, why we made it this way or why we felt the need to think about the planetary system at all you can check out this for further info.

The planet

Here is the whole solar system, where the comic takes place. The details here are Munen's attempt to be as scientific as a mere enthusiast can be. If proper scientists ever see it we only hope they will find this amusing and not annoying. The planets, especially the gas giants, are too colourful to be realistic, but they were such an incredible joy to design, exactly because it was very easy to make them super colourful and perky.