You can also check out the FAMILY TREES of the major characters.


Hym Gdezsu Ragu
daughter of Medere and Igbem, sister of Zenwu and Ika, heiress of Gdezsu

initial age: 14

personal quote: How interesting, tell me more...

First appearance

Hed Gdezsu Zenwu Mbi
son of Medere and Igbem, brother of Ragu and Ika, child of Gdezsu

totem: an animal similar to an African wild dog*

initial age: 19

personal quote: This is hardly challenging.

First appearance

Dzne Gdezsu Aio
adoptive son of Gamizs

initial age: 15

personal quote: Let's do something already!

First appearance

Ses u dafse Gdezsu Ulmarei Mar
born in a family of esteemed doctors

totem: a plant similar to meadowsweet*

initial age: 16

personal quote: Humans are so problematic.

First appearance

Snan Gdezsu Igbem Cnou
bonded mate of Medere, ninak of Zenwu, Ragu and Ika, ignaf of Gdezsu

totem: an animal similar to a raven*

initial age: 43

personal quote: Have a seat. Tea? Dried fruit?

First appearance

Sogn Gdezsu Gamizs Batki
ninak of Aio, general of the Gdezsu army

totem: an animal similar to a buffalo*

initial age: 33

personal quote: We are the walls of Gdezsu.

First appearance

Dasfe Gdezsu Satbi Ahmu
mother of Ulmarei, head of the biggest hospital in Gdezsu

totem: a plant similar to hemp*

initial age: 40

personal quote: You need to work the crowd.

First appearance

Agni Gdezsu Medere Mah
mother of Ragu, Zenwu and Ika, ruler of Gdezsu

totem: a lioness*

initial age: 45

personal quote:Am I the only responsible person here?!

First appearance

Cyhym Gdezsu Ika
daughter of Medere and Igbem, sister of Zenwu and Ragu

initial age: 6

personal quote: *puppy eyes*

First appearance

Sogn Gdezsu Naitei Gyh
security general of Gdezsu

totem: a hyena*

initial age: 46

personal quote: Do no harm but take no crap.

First appearance

Dafse Gdezsu Madu Irke
a doctor and dean of Gdezsu's medical school, brother of Satbi and ninak of Ulmarei

totem: a snake*

initial age: 37

personal quote: It's no laughing matter.

First appearance

Ses u Lyzs Gdezsu Dalge Uan
a lawyer in training (and in other training too) and twin sister of Diene

totem: dahlia*

initial age: 19

personal quote: Let's straighten it out.

First appearance

Ses u Lyzs Gdezsu Diene Uai
a lawyer in training (and in other training too) and twin sister of Dalge

totem: belladona*

initial age: 19

personal quote: There's a process to this.

First appearance

Anzs Hezs Gdezsu Zselien Tiok
a Gdezsu spy and assasin

totem: gazelle*

initial age: 17

personal quote: I'm so awesome.

First appearance

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Hed Haibne Fuzs
son of Shayu and Tamna, brother of Uene, child of the Haibne clan

initial age: 14

personal quote:...*sigh* ...*eye roll*

First appearance

Hym Haibne Uene Num
daughter of Shayu and Tamna, sister of Fuzs, heiress of Haibne

totem: an animal similar to a female orca*

initial age: 18

personal quote: Now, this is awkward.

First appearance

Agni Haibne Shayu Reik
Ruler of Haibne, mother of Uene and Fuzs

totem: an animal similar to a bull shark*

initial age: 45

personal quote: You could have done better.

First appearance

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Vice Duke of Kaimen Ruiso Faen Duazu
son of Ohan and Sadia, heir of Kaimen

initial age: 15

personal quote: I'm not a child!

First appearance

Duke of Kaimen Ohan Duazu
Ruler of Kaimen, father of Ruiso, husband of Sadia

initial age: 42

personal quote: I know what's best for you.

First appearance

Knight of Fesonna Bukin Silgo
A knight in Duke of Kaimen's unit

initial age: 31

personal quote: There's no harm in being good to yourself.

First appearance

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Didzse Gdezsu Hyadnra Andze
A landowner from the Gdezsu clan

totem: The desert rose (Adenium obesum)*

initial age: 50

personal quote: We deserve more.

First appearance

Ses u Didzse Gdezsu Ishizs Toki
Son of Didzse Gdezsu Hyadnra Andz

totem: water lily*

initial age: 19

personal quote: Flawless and effortless.

First appearance

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As you can see we love long complicated names. And naming characters, the linguistic and symbolic aspect of that, is actually very important to us. Here we hope to explain how it works both in Huzsa and in the Empire.

In Huzsa a name of a grown up has 4 parts and that of a child has 3. There are no surnames in Huzsa. Let's take Ulmarei's name as an example of a grown-up name: Ses u dafse Gdezsu Ulmarei Mar.

'Ses u dafse' means a trainee (ses) of (u) a doctor (dafse) and it indicates her position and allegiance within the clan's structure.

'Gdezsu' is the name of the clan where she lives.

'Ulmarei' is her adult name. When people reach a certain age they go through an initiation ceremony in the temple of Fate and they receive a new name. From that point on they use this name and are legally recognised as adults. This name also connects her to a protective spirit, something akin to a totem, it can be an animal or a plant.

'Mar' is her child name, which she doesn't use any more apart from official situations. In documents she uses both her adult and child names to distinguish herself from other people who received the same totem upon initiation.

In the Empire those in the aristocratic circles have names comprising of 4 parts. Lets take Ruiso's full name as an example: Ruiso Faen Duazu Vice Duke of Kaimen.

'Kaimen' is the name of the region over which his family rules, his father's domain.

'Duazu' is his family name, the surname of all his ancestors. Those beneath him address him as Lord Duazu, Vice Duke Kaimen etc.

'Ruiso' is his official first name. It is his personal name, which identifies him within his family. It's used by his parents and friends.

'Faen' is his private name. Private names have ritual significance and are secret. Only the temple and the parents know this name. It must not be revealed to others because it is believed that it might be used in some malicious magic. Basically it's very hard to 'successfully' curse a person if you don't know their private name. We haven't included private names for other characters from the Empire out of pure laziness.

* The world of the comic is in many respects based on our world but not its exact copy, so we're choosing totems for the characters from among earthly fauna and flora with the assumption that similar things exist on the planet where the story takes place.

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