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Thus ends this side story. Next week we'll start volume two.

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Characters on this page: Igbem.

"Flow Within the Mountains' Veins" is a beautiful comic by our talented friend Marcianek. It has intricate illustrations and many wonderful characters, you can read it here.


"Flow Within the Mountains' Veins" is a fantasy slice of life webcomic about people who create art and influence (or get influenced by) their culture and lore, with a dose of human (and non-human ) ) drama and romance added into the mix.

The whole saga is meant to be divided into a few stories, each with its own respective protagonists and secondary cast (though some faces are expected to appear in more than one) and themes. It begins with a story of a little girl and her parents, who lead relatively peaceful lives by the harsh, cold, southern regions of Ulkarn continent.

The mother is an ambitious hunter and aspiring priestess, while the father is a talented potter - but their daughter has yet to find her own calling...

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