Chapter 2 page 52

Why choose bird if you can take three, aka privileges of being Ragu XD

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Characters on this page: Fuzs, Madu, Ragu, Ruiso, Ulma.

Comics of the Week - Week 4

This week’s comics take a different approach to the typical drama. Facing intrigue and upheaval, how will the characters react and push through their dilemmas?


Michael - What would it like to be a mutant in an all human high school? Michael is about to find out as his sharkmue DNA kicks in just before his freshman year. Some want to put him on a pedastal, some want to run him out on a rail. All Michael wants is to survive his first year of high school.


Soul's Journey - A cursed pendant turns a runaway prince into a wolf. Can he find a way back to his human form to stop the brewing war on the horizon before it's too late?

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