Chapter 4 page 124+

The Hall is the official advisory body to the agni. Different clans have differently structured Halls. in Gdezsu there are currently 37 members of the Hall, the Fate temple has 3 members, the Tent has 2, each of the 3 cities with 100k+ citizens has 1, the civil servants have 3 and the rest goes to various important locyin. Landowners do not have a representative so they can just come and ask for an audience.

the page turned out a bit dialogue and politics heavy so we decided to lighten it up with a chibi, instead of seriously addressing the issue why Ragu shouldn't be in one room with Flomo with a full on page.

Hopefully it's clear that Naitei and Gakzsa are being snide on the side, not out loud.


Characters on this page: Medere, Naitei, Flower Mother, Gakzsa

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