Winter Solstice 2023

If you're celebrating at this time we wish you everything best! We also wish you health and prosperity and peace in the coming year 2024.

Our world AU Ragu organised and secret Santa for her friends. She drew Fuzs so of course she got him some nice jeans that would make his butt look good... so yeah it is more of a present for herself. Fuzs got Ulma, so she lucked out because Fuzs is the best gift giver, he drew her animal pics. Ulma got Aio and she got him a book on how to budget. Aio has a lot of expensive hobbies - sports, fashion, makeup - and has a tendency to be be broke. Aio got Ruiso, so Ruiso got a deodorant... Ruiso got Ragu and he got her the latest raunchy romance that she was excited for.

Ragu (looking through the book): Why is the spine cracked and there are stains on the pages?

Ruiso (who started reading it expecting it to be trash and then cried his eyes out at the angsty and/or romantic scenes): I bought it used...

Fuzs: Who resells a book that came out 5 days ago?

Ruiso: Fast readers..

Ulma(feigning ignorance): You ordered it less than 5 days before Christmas and it shipped? You're so lucky.


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