Chapter 6 page 193

So finally Fuzs' grandma appears as she really is, not as Ragu imagines her. Her name is Zsekala Tapo, she's the retired Agni Mbozs. And Fuzs' ninak, Tamna Eaz.


Characters on this page: Aio, Fuzs, Ragu, Ruiso.

Week 5

Which Witch?

Witches can be good or they can be evil. Solve problems or create nightmares. Which witch do you prefer?

Witch of Dezina
Witch of Dezina - A country is thrown into chaos when their goddess disappears, taking her magic with her. Tayver is in over his head with the investigation. Good thing Elenore is here to... help?

Nightmare Witch
Nightmare Witch - The struggle to find a meaningful life under the grasp of an alien condition.

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